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1. When building gem5, it says You're missing the gem5 style or commit message hook...

then you can try

git config --global --add <gem5 root dir>


chown -R <uid>:<gid> <gem5 directory>

using id to get info about <uid> and <gid>

2. When using MinorCPU, it says AttributeError: object 'BaseMinorCPU' has no attribute 'ArchMMU'

That means you didn’t compile MinorCPU in your gem5. Try to figure out by reading Hint.

3. I found this LAB is different from gem5 101. Which should I reference?

All contents are subject to this LAB.

4. I found some bugs/problems in this LAB. Where should I issue them?

  • Disscussions
  • Issue
  • contact guoty9[AT] or guyh9[AT]

5. UnicodeDecodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode …

Delete the Chinese comment and try again.