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Lanuch the simulation and collect output

to launch the simulation for config GTX480 and GTX480S

# at <accel-sim-framework> dir
./util/job_launching/ -C GTX480-PTX -B my-ispass-2009 -N test1
./util/job_launching/ -C GTX480S-PTX -B my-ispass-2009 -N test2

to monitor simulation

# at <accel-sim-framework> dir
./util/job_launching/ -N test1
./util/job_launching/ -N test2

to generate output

# at <accel-sim-framework> dir
./util/job_launching/ -B my-ispass-2009 -C GTX480-PTX,GTX480S-PTX | tee stats.csv

Try to take a look at the stats.csv and focus on L2_total_cache_accesses L1D_total_cache_miss_rate gpu_tot_ipc .

b. What can you find from stats.csv? Why do BFS and NN have different IPC changes after modifying the configuration? Can you provide a detailed explanation?

c. Can you explain why we make those changes at gpgpusim.config if we want to change the L1 cache to sector?