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Modify config files

ACCEL-SIM provide predefined benchmark and we only care about ispass-2009-BFS and ispass-2009-NN. So add following content to <accel-sim-framework>/util/job_launching/apps/define-all-apps.yml

    exec_dir: "$GPUAPPS_ROOT/bin/$CUDA_VERSION/release/"
    data_dirs: "$GPUAPPS_ROOT/data_dirs/cuda/ispass-2009/"
        - ispass-2009-BFS:
            - args:  ./data/graph65536.txt
        - ispass-2009-NN:
            - args:  28

ACCEL-SIM provide predefined configs, and we want to add a new config GTX480S which is a little different from GTX480. To do so, add following content to <accel-sim-framework>/util/job_launching/configs/define-standard-cfgs.yml

    base_file: "$GPGPUSIM_ROOT/configs/tested-cfgs/SM2_GTX480S/gpgpusim.config"

If you search <accel-sim-framework>/gpu-simulator/gpgpu-sim/configs/tested-cfgs, there isn’t SM2_GTX480S. So we create a dir SM2_GTX480S, and copy all the content under SM2_GTX480 to SM2_GTX480S

At first, we didn’t use the power simulation. So modify both SM2_GTX480/gpgpusim.config and SM2_GTX480S/gpgpusim.config with following content (diff format)

< -power_simulation_enabled 1
< -gpuwattch_xml_file gpuwattch_gtx480.xml
> -power_simulation_enabled 0
> # -gpuwattch_xml_file gpuwattch_gtx480.xml

Then we want to add some change to SM2_GTX480S/gpgpusim.config (diff format)

< -gpgpu_cache:dl1  N:32:128:4,L:L:m:N:H,S:64:8,8
> -gpgpu_cache:dl1  S:32:128:4,L:L:m:N:H,A:64:8,8
< -gpgpu_coalesce_arch 20
> -gpgpu_coalesce_arch 40

The main difference between GTX480 and GTX480S is that at GTX480 L1 cache is normal while at GTX480S L1 cache is sector.

a. What is sector cache?

ACCEL-SIM provide predefined output colleciton configs,we want to generate output for L2_total_cache_accesses and L1D_total_cache_miss_rate. So we add changes to <accel-sim-framework>/util/job_launching/stats/example_stats.yml (diff format)

>     - 'L2_total_cache_accesses\s+=\s*(.*)'
>     - 'L1D_total_cache_miss_rate\s+=\s*(.*)'